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Getting started with virtual
fencing and cow guidance

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The Collie system trains cows to respond to sounds and vibrations. Vibration rewards and guides cow forward, sound warns and guides cow left or right. Together they make it zero effort to virtually fence and guide animals around a complex farm. After just one week of training, cows can stay within a pre-specified zone and come to the shed for milking.

Benefits for farmers

Saves up to 3
hours a day by replacing physical fences

Increases up to
20% of milk yield by more milkings
per herd

Increases up to 15%
in grass yield by improved grazing practices

Saves up to €230 per cow per year on mowing, concentrate and silage costs

Happier and healthier cows as heat and health issues are quickly detected

Frequently asked questions

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I’m a dairy farmer. Can I use Collie?

Yes you can! We are specifically developing the first Collie collar for you.
Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.

I’m a beef/sheep/goat farmer. Can I use Collie?

Not yet. We’re currently starting with dairy cows.

I’m located outside of the Netherlands. Can I use Collie?

Not yet. We’re currently working with farmers in the Netherlands only. Please leave your details and we’ll get in touch to discuss your specific needs and tell you more when we’re live in your geography.

How does virtual fencing impact cow happiness?

Virtual fencing, enabled by Collie, means that cows can spend more time outside and be integrated into their natural environment with flexibility and ease. Furthermore, Collie allows farmers to swiftly move cows from uncomfortable areas to make sure they’re free of physical discomfort.

Does this app builder have strong security?

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