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Tomorrow's Agriculture Starts Today

Our goal is to unlock the symbiotic relationship between plants and animals and diversify the agricultural system. This leads to better environmental outcomes and regeneration of agricultural landscapes.

Farmers need more than regulatory pressure and financial opportunities. To enable a transition towards more ecological, diversified agriculture, farmers need tools that simplify the complex nature of ecological agriculture with each step saving time or boosting income.

Chris Bloomfield
Chris Bloomfield

Co-Founder & Product Lead

Chris grew up in rural New Zealand, surrounded by farming and animals. He studied robotics engineering and went on to work at a series of startups, developing significant business expertise along the way. Chris believes in the potential of technology to help society overcome its environmental challenges. At Clover, Chris drives the technical development and product strategy.

Daniel Reisman

Co-Founder & People Lead

Daniel grew up in the Netherlands and spent most of his life learning about leadership and interpersonal skills. After having graduated from Knowmads innovative business school, he held a series of positions where he developed an expertise in sales, business development, and project management. Daniel now combines these expertises with his deep passion for ecology and nature restoration. At Clover, Daniel focuses on building the team, farmer relations and drives product implementation


Virtual fencing with Collie

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Therefore we develop collars for animals that guide them around the farm and hold them in a zone by training them to respond to sound and vibrations. The flexibility of virtual fencing and cow guidance makes it easy for farmers to have their cows outside more, diversify their farm and produce more with less.

We are building an application farmers will use every day, incentivising them to mix animals, crops, and nature together in a natural way by sharing impact data and making it easier to participate in ecosystem services.

Our strategy is to start with dairy farming in The Netherlands, which has a significant impact on the world, and help these farms to take steps towards more regenerative practices. Our next target will be dairy farming throughout Europe, followed by other animals and other farming systems.