Virtually fence and guide your cows

Drastically reduce labour and boost production with Europe’s first virtual cow guidance system.


Animal management that works for cows, farmers and nature

Discover how Collie helps you to fence and move your cows using just your phone.

With Collie’s labour-free grazing system, we empower farmers to graze the right amount in the right zone. Cows enjoy more outdoor time, while soil health thrives, emissions shrink, and grass yields flourish.

Fence and move your cows, virtually

Monitor, move and contain cows anywhere on your farm. Whether you’re herding the whole bovine bunch or fetching individual cows, Collie saves you up to 3 hours a day.

Boost milking frequency

Automatically guide cows to the cowshed when it's time for milking. Collie’s integration with your milking robot ensures punctual cow arrivals for more milkings.

Reduce labour, even within the cowshed

Locate any cow in seconds with Collie’s virtual guidance system, ensuring your entire herd receives individualised care effortlessly.

Monitor your herd’s well being

Monitor grazing habits and receive illness alerts in real-time. Gain detailed behavioural insights through analysis of eating, resting, and standing behaviours.

Reduce your feed expenses

Cut less silage and reduce supplemental feed. Collie ensures cows enjoy more outdoor time while optimising their diet with high quality grass.

Improve your grazing practices

Empower your grazing decisions. Effortlessly implement practices like strip grazing for up to a 15% boost in grass yields.

“The cows can strip graze day and night, with front and back wire, despite the fact we have a milking robot.”

Martsje and Bauke Dijkstra


“We have gone from 2.1 to 2.6 milkings per herd with the same number of grazing hours”

Gerard Mul

Farm Boterhuys

Find out what Collie can do for your farm

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